When I was five, growing up in Orange County, my parents built a pool in our backyard. I still remember sitting at the back sliding door with my best friend, Brett, noses on the glass, watching the tractor dig and drive in and out of the backyard. For a five-year old, that’s cool. That pool received constant use for years and years.

I’m from a smaller family, though my wife, Cindy, and I have five children and she’s the oldest of nine. We both grew up around swimming pools and crazy-fun ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes. Water, pools and spas are refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating, and just plain fun!

Timeless Pools excels by combining professionalism and keen attention to minute details with uncanny design vision and construction expertise. We consistently exceed expectations.

That approach delivers truly positive and remarkable results. And to our Timeless Pools team, “remarkable” is just that: To have others enthusiastically remark on what we did for them and how we did it.

– Tom Fuller, Founder